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Eftpos not working?

By August 1, 2018Blog

New Zealanders have become very accustomed to the ubiquity of eftpos. When you can pay for everything with a single light plastic eftpos card why would you carry a wad of cash?

EFTPOS New Zealand are the experts when it comes to designing a payment solution for any business. But we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on providing the best post-installation support for our customers in the unlikely event that your terminal is not able to process payments. The EFTPOS New Zealand Technical Helpdesk is available whenever you need them (0800 338 329, option 2) and with the extra support of EOV functionality and swapBOX we can get you back up and running in no time.

EOV (Electronic Offline Vouchers)

Electronic offline vouchers serve the same purpose as the previous manual offline vouchers, but are much easier to manage. If an EOV enabled terminal loses connectivity to the network for whatever reason it will automatically enter EOV mode and begin storing transactions to upload when connectivity is re-established. Enabling EOV on your terminal/s lessens the impact of network and communications outages on your business and reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur while creating manual offline vouchers. Read more about EOV here.


Losing a terminal during a busy period is frustrating. Even going one terminal down can slow down queues and effect turnover. EFTPOS New Zealand is committed to providing you with a replacement terminal as soon as possible, should one of your terminals experience a fault. The best way to cover the time until the arrival of a replacement is with a swapBOX spare terminal.

Your swapBOX terminal is provided at a discounted rate and stored on site for easy access, should one of your standard terminals have a fault. Simply call our Technical Helpdesk to report the fault and arrange a replacement and they will help you set up your swapBOX terminal right away. Read more about swapBOX here.

EFTPOS New Zealand understands how important your eftpos facilities are to your business. Talk to us today about how you can protect against loss of connectivity and terminal faults.