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Four EFTPOS services that can save merchants money

By August 1, 2018Blog

Running a business can be expensive! Did you know that there are a number of eftpos services that can assist with the cost of your payment solution? We’ve put together a list of the services that can help you get the most out of your payment solution.


Are you worried you’re losing sales because your competitors offer the option of paying by credit card? It’s important to ensure your payment solution is optimised so it’s convenient for your customers. Savvy consumers use credit cards for everyday purchases so they can collect rewards and many travelers and businesspeople carry credit cards.

Soon you’ll be able to recoup the cost of credit card transactions with EFTPOS New Zealand’s surcharging terminal solution. You’ll be able to fully optimize your solution so that you control which credit cards you accept and what rate they are surcharged at.
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Service Fee

New Zealander’s love to pay by eftpos! With the evolution of eftpos and mobile wallets, we’re fast becoming a cashless society. Consumers are also becoming more aware of the variations between payment solutions and how outdated payment technology impacts their instore experience. Now you can offer your customers the best payment solution available without cutting into your bottom line.

EFTPOS New Zealand is developing a service fee terminal solution which will help you recoup the cost of terminal rental and network connection by charging a service fee for certain eftpos transactions.
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Value-Add Services

Drive customers to your store and earn commission  with value-added services such as epay, Snapper and gift card terminal solutions. An epay terminal solution allows you to offer your customers pre-paid cards for music, gaming, prepaid power, mobile top-up for Vodafone, Telecom, 2 degrees and Skinny, top retailer gift cards plus many more. Snapper is a pre-pay, contactless, payment solution designed for travel on inner city transport in Wellington.
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Lease your Terminal

Are you weighing up the pros and cons of leasing compared to purchasing your eftpos terminal? You may be aware that leasing your terminal breaks the cost of your solution up into affordable monthly payments, but are you also aware of the other benefits of leasing from us?

Payments is moving fast and technology is quickly evolving to meet consumers’ demands for better, faster more streamlined solutions that suit their needs. Purchasing your terminal means that your initial investment is wasted if you choose to upgrade to a newer terminal before your terminal reaches end-of-life.

Speaking of which, payments hardware and software requires upgrades to remain compliant with PCI standards. This is important to ensure your solution remains safe and secure for your customers to use, but it does mean that you’ll need to re-purchase a new terminal once your terminal is no longer compliant.

EFTPOS New Zealand is committed to assisting our customers to upgrade their terminal hardware and software as needed in a hassle free manner. What’s more, we offer compliance software upgrades for free.
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