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Grab a sneak peek of what taking payment, accessing transaction lists, and processing refunds looks like on an Android EFTPOS terminal.

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See how to process a manual payment on a Verifone T650p

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Customer Story

The Wildflower Boutique

Learn how Android EFTPOS has made doing business easier for Anna from the Wildflower.


Unboxing Android EFTPOS

Join Mukesh Deva (Eftpos NZ) and Greg Hartford (CEO of Retail NZ) as they take a deep dive into the latest Android payment devices exclusively available through Eftpos NZ.



Meet Our Latest Android ETPOS Machine

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App-enabled payments

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Android Eftpos to bring online buying experiences into the real world

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Software releases

Android Software Release March 2022

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Android EFTPOS Software Release May 2021

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Carbon Mobile 5 Software Release November 2020

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