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Apple Pay

Apple Pay™ provides consumers with a simple, secure way to use their iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, and Apple Watch for card payment transactions on contactless payment devices.

Apple Pay is now available in New Zealand for ANZ customers. You can easily set up Apple Pay by adding your ANZ Visa Debit or personal ANZ Visa credit cards to the Wallet app on your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch. Full details are available on the ANZ Apple Pay microsite.

Customers benefit from the convenience of storing all of their cards in digital form in one place, as well as the speed and security of contactless transactions protected by Apple's unique security features. Merchants benefit from faster transactions and fewer barriers to checking out, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience. There is also opportunity for retailers to integrate their loyalty programmes with Apple Pay to keep customers repurchasing time and time again.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay™ utilises the Passbook and Touch ID features and a dedicated NFC chip to store and transmit encrypted payment information between the mobile device and a contactless capable payment device. Users store digital versions of their ANZ Visa Debit or personal ANZ Visa credit cards in their Passbook app and when they want to pay using their mobile device they simply tap it on the terminal and authenticate the transaction using their fingerprint (iPhone users) or by double clicking a button (Apple Watch users).

Are you ready for Apple Pay?

The EFTPOS New Zealand Verifone Evolution range of payment devices are future-proofed and ready to accept payments from all present and future NFC wallets, including Apple Pay. Check out our range of contactless capable payment devices >