18th Apr, 2016

Merchant Spotlight: The Caker

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The Caker is not your usual bakery. You won’t find any brightly coloured, fondant-covered, ornament-coated cakes here, nor will you find a shop counter.  Instead Jordan Rondel sells her beautiful cakes, laden with wholesome, high-quality, organic ingredients, online via her website thecaker.co.nz.

Rondel started The Caker via her blog in 2010 in pursuit of her childhood dream of baking for a living. This social media savvy baker has carved out a niche for herself creating stunning cakes crafted with the health-conscious cake lover in mind.

EFTPOS NZ recently provided The Caker with an eftpos terminal for a special event. We asked Jordan a few questions about her experiences as a small business owner.

Why did you choose EFTPOS NZ?
We were taking part in a festival selling cakes, and needed an eftpos machine which we knew we could rely on. I've rented EFTPOS NZ terminals in the past and it's always been so easy and convenient.

What was your experience of our services?
Super friendly service and completely hassle free! The terminal arrived just when they said it would, the operating instructions were really straight forward and all we had to do was turn it on and away we went.

How do you primarily market and sell your products?
Currently, we rely solely on having a great website, word of mouth and social media. We sell our products via our website primarily, but also have our cake mixes and books stocked nationwide in various stores.

What would you say are the three core principles of The Caker’s brand strategy?
Having a strong point of difference and a product which can speak for itself as being the best in the market, maintaining our integrity and sticking to what we do best, expanding the boundaries of the cake scene here in NZ by being clever and creative.

What advice do you have for small businesses looking to carve out a unique brand?
Many factors going into carving out a strong, unique brand but first and foremost it's important to find a niche and maintain your own creativity. It's great to be inspired and influenced by other brands, but the key thing is to make it your own and create something really special.

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