29th May, 2018

How to Train New Staff To Use Your EFTPOS Terminal

Your easy to follow guide to the basics

Starting a new role can be daunting. Every business has slightly different policies on customer service and sales, new technology to learn, and often a mountain of product knowledge to absorb. Putting time and attention into training new hires, even those with previous experience, is important to ensure all your staff represent your policies and values consistently.

It’s also worth taking the time to show your new staff how to use your eftpos terminal and POS system properly so they can close a sale with confidence from the get-go. Even those with previous experience in retail or hospitality often appreciate a refresher course or might be new to terminals supplied by EFTPOS NZ.

We asked one of our Field Service Reps to take us through the training he uses with new customers so you too can learn how to train like a pro! Download a printable version of our checklist so you can put it in your new-hire induction pack, or use it as a guide during training.

Download the EFTPOS Training Checklist here.

1. How to turn your terminal ‘on’
  • For countertop models, if your terminal is plugged in, it is ‘switched on’
  • To switch on a VX 680 or VX 690 mobile terminal hold down the green ‘Enter’ button. You need to hold the button down for about 5 seconds for the terminal to power on
  • We recommend leaving your terminal permanently plugged in so it can download any software updates after trading hours
2. How to do a purchase

When not in use the terminal will remain in ‘idle’ mode. To initiate a purchase:

  • Select ‘Menu’ button

  • Select ‘Purchase', type in the purchase amount and press the green Enter key

  • The terminal will display the ‘Present card’ screen. Hand the terminal over to the customer. Your customer presents their card, selects their account, and enters their PIN. If the transaction is a contactless transaction under $80 they will just tap their card on the terminal and the transaction will immediately begin to process

  • Make sure the transaction is approved
  • A merchant receipt will print after the transaction is processed. Keep this for reconciliation
  • The terminal will also offer the option of printing a customer receipt. Select ‘no’ if your customer doesn’t want one
3. How to change the paper roll
  • Gently pull the lid release up on the terminal. You can find this above the paper cutter bar
  • Remove the old roll
  • Place the new paper roll inside, ensuring that the paper is pulling towards you from underneath the roll
  • Leave a small amount of paper out past the cutter bar
  • Close the lid firmly
  • To auto-feed paper press # key
4. How to do a settlement inquiry for reconciliation

 To get a copy of all your day’s takings so you can ‘cash up’ your till you can perform a settlement inquiry:

  • Select ‘Menu’ button from terminal idle screen

  • Scroll down and select ‘Settlement’ and then ‘Inquiry’

  • Select the current date. The terminal will print a receipt displaying EFTPOS totals for that day, separated by transaction and card type and then return to the idle screen

  • Leave your terminal plugged in or on it’s charging base and powered on overnight. The terminal will automatically complete a cutover overnight, resetting all settlement totals to $0.00 ready for the next day’s trading
5. Offline mode

If your terminal experiences two communications errors in a row while processing a transaction it will enter ‘offline mode’ and you will notice that the idle screen displays the ‘offline mode’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Offline mode allows you to continue taking payment even when your terminal cannot connect to the payment network, for example, if your store’s internet goes down. There are some limits applied when a terminal is in Offline Mode:

  • The maximum dollar amount allowed per offline transaction is $300
  • The maximum number of offline transactions that can be stored is 200
  • The maximum dollar amount per terminal while in Offline Mode is $5000
  • Only one offline transaction per card, per account, per offline session, is permitted on each terminal

If you notice your terminal starts transacting in offline mode, remember to make sure that your customers sign the merchant receipt. Your terminal will prompt you to confirm the signature so that you know you need to get your receipt signed. Make sure you collect these receipts so your manager can keep them in a safe place.

All transactions performed while your terminal is in offline mode are stored until the next time the terminal connects to the network, even if the terminal is switched off or loses power. Your terminal will attempt an Auto Logon every 10 minutes to try and exit offline mode. Once a connection is successfully made, the stored offline transactions are uploaded to allow the processing of each transaction. Your terminal will then go back “online”.

 6. Troubleshooting

Most technical issues can be resolved by turning the terminal off and then back on again. For a countertop model simply switch the terminal off at the wall. For a VX 680 or VX 690 mobile terminal, you’ll need to hold down the red ‘cancel’ or ‘back’ button to for 5 seconds until the terminal stops beeping and powers down. Wait 10 seconds and then turn countertop models back on at the wall, or hold down the green ‘enter’ button on your mobile terminal until it powers back on.

Attempt a logon to check the terminal has connected to the payment network successfully:

  • Select Menu on the idle screen
  • Scroll down and select ‘Logon’
  • If the receipt displays 'Approved' your terminal is ready to use. If a declined message or other error is printed contact Technical Support on 0800 EFTPOS, option 2

If receipts are not printing correctly and you recently changed the paper roll, try turning the paper roll around to see if that fixes the problem. You may have just inserted the roll into the terminal incorrectly. 


Have a question about how to use your eftpos terminal? Email it through to customerservices@eftpos.co.nz – our friendly customer support team are happy to help!


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