14th Nov, 2013

Payments and Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is predicting an especially busy Christmas and summer period with job advertising in the sector up 13% in July from the previous year, according to employment website SEEK. A number of factors appear to be driving this increase including a comparatively mild New Zealand winter, increasing food and beverage related spending, and strong tourism arrivals.

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With a renowned café culture and an ever-growing list of hot new restaurants, it’s no secret New Zealander’s are a nation of discerning foodies. As patrons we expect the very best, whether that be a perfectly poured craft beer or a steaming hot flat white, coupled with top notch customer service.

The food and beverage sector in particular is dependent on customer convenience for creating the best customer service experience. All touch points staff have with customers need to be as streamlined as possible, including the payments process. When payments processes are not optimised, queues can form eating up valuable staff time, resulting in walk-outs, and clogging up vital floor space. These factors lower table turn-over and can cause undue stress for both customers and staff, especially during the busy season.

- EFTPOS-NZ-mobile-eftpos-hospitality.JPGTo address all of these issues, EFTPOS New Zealand have developed a payments solution tailored specifically for hospitality. The recent launch of the VeriFone Evolution range of payment devices has fuel-injected the existing payment solutions on offer. The VX 680 WiFi terminal offers the flexibility to take payment at the customers table and NFC capability means this terminal will also be able to accept tap and go payments. The VX 680 can connect wirelessly to a POS using POSLink, eliminating the two-step process of entering a transaction into a POS system as well as a terminal. The speed and convenience of this payment solution contributes to your customer service offering and business operations as a whole.

Is your business ready for Summer 2013/14? EFTPOS New Zealand knows Hospitality. Call us to discuss our hospitality solutions 0800 EFTPOS.


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