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Dial Fee

Why am I being charged a Dial Fee?

As more merchants upgrade their connectivity to IP (Broadband) the cost of supporting the dial platform per merchant has significantly increased. As a result, it is now necessary to pass on a portion of this cost to merchants using the dial service.

All merchant terminals connecting to the EFTPOS New Zealand network via Dial-Up for 80% or more of their total transaction volume will incur an additional charge of $5.00 + GST per terminal per month. This charge will appear as a separate line item on your invoice as ‘Dial Fee’.

What do I need to do?

If you pay your account by direct debit there is nothing you need to do. Your monthly direct debit will be automatically adjusted to include the Dial Fee.

If you pay your account by direct credit or automatic payment you will need to increase your payment amount manually before your next billing date.  This will ensure that your account does not go into arrears.

Can I avoid this fee?

You can avoid this additional fee on your account by upgrading to our IP (Broadband) connectivity option. 

All you need to do is purchase an Ethernet cable from your local technology store, plug it into your EFTPOS terminal and modem, then give us a call on 0800 338 767 option 2, so we can configure your terminal.   

If you need further information on this option, please go to our Connectivity Options page, or call us on 0800 338 767, option 4.

What are the benefits of switching to IP (Broadband)?

IP (Broadband) is a popular solution for businesses today as it provides the speed and flexibility expected by customers.

Transactions processed by IP are much faster than Dial-Up, giving quicker payment service for your customers. This option also allows multiple terminals to operate over the same connection simultaneously, eliminating the cost of phone lines for each terminal.

If you already have an existing IP (Broadband) connection, you can simply add your eftpos transaction processing to your existing broadband plan. The transaction processing won't have any noticeable impact on your broadband data usage either, as the process has an extremely low bandwidth requirement.