Terms And Conditions


General Provisions

a) EFTPOS New Zealand Limited will supply EFTPOS terminals and provide on-site support.

b) Each terminal will be provided with 2 free paper rolls.

c) Provision of this EFTPOS unit does not include the cost of provision of power or telephone lines, extensions, premises cabling or telephone system modifications (power and telephone services to be located within two metres of the EFTPOS unit). If any of the above is required we will provide advice on the work that needs to be undertaken.

d) EFTPOS New Zealand Limited is authorised to cancel the relevant EFTPOS facility at the end of the rental period.

e) In the event of damage to the terminal (outside ordinary wear and tear), the merchant is liable for all costs of repair or replacement.

f) Upon the event commencing no refunds will be given should the Exhibitor be unable to attend.

g) This rental package includes technical and general support, via the 0800 EFTPOS support team.

h) Rental Terms are payable upon invoice.


Rentals/Payment Terms

You are required to pay the rental specified in this Agreement:

a) While the Agreement exists; or

b) For the Minimum Rental Term should we terminate this Agreement through your default before that term has expired; or

c) While you retain possession of the Equipment.

EFTPOS New Zealand Limited will take action against the customer where:

a) The Equipment is returned in a damaged state other than normal wear and tear; or

b) Non-return of Equipment; or

c) Money outstanding on unpaid rental.

NB: If the order is canceled within two weeks of the event we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of the amount you have been invoiced.


Care of Equipment

You shall:

a) Keep the Equipment in your possession and under your control at the event; and

b) Use the Equipment in a careful and prudent manner, and in such a way as is consistent with the operating instructions issued by the supplier or the manufacturer; and

c) Notify us immediately in writing of any loss or damage to the Equipment.

You shall not:

a) Assign, sub-let, charge or part with possession of the equipment or any part of it; or

b) Remove the equipment or allow it to be removed from the premises; or

c) Interfere with or modify the equipment in any way with any other device or system without our prior written consent; or

d) Interfere with any identification marks, labels, logos or notice on the equipment.

You shall:

a) Advise EFTPOS New Zealand if you do not receive a contract pack from EFTPOS New Zealand within 10 working days of submitting an order form; and;

b) Understand that until final confirmation of the order has been received no EFTPOS terminal is guaranteed; and

c) Courier back the terminal to EFTPOS New Zealand promptly after the closure of the event; and

d) Comply with the EFTPOS New Zealand Terminal Terms and Conditions that form part of this Agreement to supply merchant facilities at the event.


Default Interest

Should you fail to pay any money to us on the date upon which it is due, then you shall pay interest on such money at the rate of twenty per cent (20%) per annum from the date that money was due, to the date it is actually paid (calculated on a daily basis).

In addition to recovery of unpaid rental and/or replacement cost of equipment not returned, you will also be liable for any cost associated with the collection of the above monies, including payments to any debt collection agency and legal costs.

Direct Debit Authority

1. The Initiator:

a) Undertakes to give notice to the Acceptor of the commencement date, frequency and amount at least 10 calendar days before the first Direct Debit is drawn (but not more than 2 calendar months). This notice will be provided in writing (including by electronic means and SMS where the Customer has provided prior written consent (including by electronic means including SMS) to communicate electronically).

Where the Direct Debit system is used for the collection of payments which are regular as to frequency, but variable as to amounts, the Initiator undertakes to provide the Acceptor with a schedule detailing each payment amount and each payment date.

In the event of any subsequent change to the frequency or amount of the Direct Debits, the Initiator has agreed to give advance notice at least 30 days before the change comes into effect. This notice must be provided in writing (including by electronic means and SMS where the Customer has provided prior written consent (including by electronic means including SMS) to communicate electronically.

b) May, upon the relationship which gave rise to this Authority being terminated, give notice to the Bank that no further Direct Debits are to be initiated under the Authority. Upon receipt of such notice the Bank may terminate this Authority as to future payments by notice in writing to me /us.

c) May, upon receiving an “authority transfer form” (dated after the date of this authority) signed by me/us and addressed to a bank to which I/we have transferred my/our bank account, initiate Direct Debits in reliance of that transfer form and this Authority from the account identified in the authority transfer form.

 2. The Customer may:

a) At any time, terminate this Authority as to future payments by giving written notice of termination to the Bank and to the Initiator.

b) Stop payment of any Direct Debit to be initiated under this Authority by the Initiator by giving written notice to the Bank prior to the Direct Debit being paid by the Bank.

c) Where a variation to the amount agreed between the Initiator and the Customer from time to time to be Direct Debited has been made without notice being given in terms of clause 1(a) above, request the Bank to reverse or alter any such Direct Debit initiated by the Initiator by debiting the amount of the reversal or alteration of Direct Debit back to the Initiator through the Initiator’s Bank. PROVIDED such request is made not more than 120 days from the date when the Direct Debit was debited to my/our account.

 3. The Customer acknowledges that:

a) This Authority will remain in full force and effect in respect of all Direct Debits passed to my/our account in good faith notwithstanding my/our death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this Authority until actual notice of such event is received by the Bank.

b) In any event, this Authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter existing between me/us and the Bank in relation to my/our account.

c) Any dispute as to the correctness or validity of an amount debited to my/our account shall not be the concern of the Bank except in so far as the Direct Debit has not been paid in accordance with this Authority. Any other disputes lie between me/us and the Initiator.

d) Where the Bank has used reasonable care and skill in acting in accordance with this authority, the Bank accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of:

– the accuracy of information about Direct Debits on Bank statements.

– any variations between notices given by the Initiator and the amounts of Direct Debits; and

e) The Bank is not responsible for, or under any liability in respect of the Initiators failure to give notice in accordance with 1(a) nor for the non-receipt or late receipt of notice by me/us for any reason whatsoever. In any such situation, the dispute lies between me/us and the Initiator.

f) Notice given by the Initiator in terms of clause 1(a) to the debtor responsible for the payments shall be effective. Any communication necessary because the debtor responsible for payment is a person other than me/us is a matter between me/us and the debtor concerned.