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Request your changeover online using the form above. We’ll send your details to your bank and get a new Verifone merchant ID issued for you so you can start transacting on the Verifone network.


We do the heavy lifting

Once we have your new MID we’ll load it on a fresh, new terminal and a member of our Field Services team will call you to book a time to swap out your Paymark terminal for new Verifone ones.


You’re good to go!

We’ll send you your new MID so you can pass it on to any third-party card providers you want to continue accepting on your Verifone network terminal.

Your terminal upgrade

Gain access to Verifone EFTPOS terminals exclusive to the Verifone network, including our brand new Android EFTPOS devices. We'll upgrade and install your new terminal for free!

Get free credit card surcharging

Add free credit card surcharging to your payment solution when you switch to the Verifone network to save even more money!

    • Accept credit cards without increasing your costs
    • Your terminal automatically detects credit cards and applies a surcharge to your normal prices
    • Configure your surcharge to suit your business
    • Surcharge different credit cards at different rates to reflect different costs of acceptance


How does it work?

Your surcharge solution calculates the value of the surcharge for you and automatically adds it to the transaction when your customer swipes or inserts their credit card.


Get credit card surcharging for free when you switch to the Verifone network! Usually $10.00 + GST per terminal, per month. Save hundreds of dollars in merchant fees by passing the cost of acceptance on to your customers who choose to pay by credit card.

Your obligations

There are legal obligations you must meet if you add a surcharge to your normal prices. The Eftpos New Zealand Surcharge Fee Solution takes care of some of these obligations for you, but it is important that you read and understand the full terms and conditions.

The Verifone network


Million transactions per year on our network


Devices connected to our network


Merchants trust us to power their payments

What does a

Payment Network do?

Your payment network works behind-the-scenes whenever you process a payment on your EFTPOS terminal to shift funds from your customer’s account to your acquiring bank.

We operate the most up to date and innovative payment network in New Zealand. Using the latest in payment network technology, we’ve built a fast, secure and reliable network with the capacity to process over 600 transactions per second.

We’re the only terminal provider with our own network

We are the only EFTPOS provider with our own payment network. Enjoy the benefits of having one supplier for your payment device and network – one contract, one monthly payment, and one point of call for support.

Make changes when it suits you

Our network is ‘live’, which means you can make changes to your payment solution instantly. Software updates are performed remotely and are faster and more efficient. With a simple call to our 0800 EFTPOS helpdesk, you can instantly increase your refund limit (once approved by your bank), add or remove credit card pre-authorisation, surcharging or tipping to your EFTPOS terminal and so much more!

  • Online merchant portal
  • Free terminal compliance upgrades
  • Exclusive Verifone terminals
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Advanced pre-authorisation
  • Tipping
  • Multi-merchant
  • e-receipting
  • Credit card surcharging
  • POS integration
  • ….and much more!

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