POSLink is an interfaced solution that allows a standalone eftpos terminal to connect to a point of sale (POS) system or electronic cash register (ECR). POSLink can be developed as either a one-way or two-way interface solution, and is ideally suited to merchants operating single or small numbers of POS lanes. POSLink works with a wide range of Verifone payment devices and POS software / hardware configurations and uses a simple message format to pass the transaction amount from the POS to the eftpos terminal, removing the need to re-enter the purchase amount into the eftpos terminal.

Support for wireless connectivity and the ability to initiate hospitality transactions from the terminal makes POSLink ideal for the hospitality industry. Enable your customer to take payment to the customer with a Verifone portable eftpos terminal and the POSLink Interfaced solution.

As a "standalone" device, POSLink enabled terminals can initiate an eftpos transaction:

  • By pushing keys on the terminal keyboard
  • By swiping a valid card; or
  • In conjunction with POS software. In this case, the transaction is activated by a request message from the POS.

Key features

  • Connect multiple terminals to a single POS or vice versa via IP
  • POSLink enabled eftpos terminals can still transact independently if the POS goes down
  • Supports debit, credit and loyalty card schemes and manual PAN entry
  • Purchase, cash-out, refund and cheque authorisation
  • Full redundancy
  • Electronic Offline Voucher (EOV) processing
  • Electronic Journaling
  • Dial, GPRS, IP connectivity options
  • 3DES/EMV compliant
  • Centralised reporting and access to all lanes
  • Historical and current settlement
  • Supports Multi-Merchant
  • Hardware options - all PCI PED approved devices, with options for ECR or USB
  • Full customer support from the EFTPOS NZ 24/7 Technical Helpdesk
  • Shared receipt printing


POSLink can be developed as either a one-way or two-way interface:


The communication message is created by and sent one way from the POS to the terminal. The terminal receives and processes the message, but does not send any response back to the POS.


The communication message is created by and sent from the POS to the terminal, with a response message returned from the terminal to the POS.

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