POSLink connects an eftpos terminal to your Point of Sale (POS) system improving transaction speed and accuracy.

POSLink provides two options for communicating with your POS:

  • One-way interface – a simple connection between the POS and one eftpos terminal, providing one way messaging that sends the transaction amount to the terminal.
  • Two-way interface – the POS sends the transaction amount to the terminal, which then sends the transaction response (e.g accepted/declined) back to the POS for automatic completion of the sale.


  • POSLink can be IP interfaced and therefore allow multiple terminals to connect to a single POS, or vice versa
  • Saves time and increases accuracy as there is no need to enter the same information into two separate systems
  • Supports wireless connectivity, giving you the convenience of taking the terminal to your customer to process the payment
  • The eftpos terminal can still run on its own if the POS goes down
  • Hospitality transactions, such as pre-authorisations and credit card tipping, can be initiated from the POS rather than from the terminal. Please go to our Hospitality section for more information on our Hospitality Services.

POSLink Overview
POSLink Checklist 

Certified Point Of Sale Vendors

See a list of POSLink certified POS vendors here.

If you require any additional information on POSLink, or if you would like to discuss the specific payment needs of your business, please contact our Customer Services Team, call us or email us below.