Android™ EFTPOS

Everything you need in a payment device today, futureproofed for the payment innovations of tomorrow.
e-receipting, advanced transaction reporting, contactless surcharging, enhanced refund functionality, split payments and more.
The familiar Android™ user interface makes taking payment more engaging. The device looks and feels like using a smartphone.
Easy ‘plug and play’ set-up gets you up and running quickly. Call our local 24/7 Technical Helpdesk or check our Help Centre for troubleshooting and ‘how-tos’.

See how Anna from the Wild Flower Boutique has been enhancing her customer experience with some help from Android enabled EFTPOS

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Payments Powered By Android™

Built on Verifone Secure Android™ OS for a better user experience. Intuitive and easy to navigate, just like using a smartphone. Customers will love the engaging user interface, large colour touchscreen and virtual keypad with large buttons.

New payment experiences

Get all the features you expect in a wireless EFTPOS terminal now on a platform built for the future. Go paperless! Email your customer their receipt directly from the device. Capture signatures on-screen. Take control of refunds with manager and cashier refund limits and refunds matched to the original transaction. View 90 days worth of transactions directly from the device.


Grab and go simplicity

Durable and ergonomic, with fast charging and long-lasting batteries, plus three wireless connectivity options to suit your business. Connect to your Wi-Fi network or via 3G/4G with a mobile SIM, or connect the full-featured Bluetooth terminal base directly to your router via Ethernet. Once the base is connected to your router, the terminal doesn’t have to be on the base to take payment.

24/7 Technical Support

Easy ‘plug and play’ set up gets you up and running quickly! Your device is ready to use straight out of the box with our handy Quick Start Guide or browse the full online User Guide for more detailed instructions. Our local, 24/7 Technical Helpdesk is always available and ready to help should you need to speak to someone.
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  • Future-proofed technology

  • Designed for portable payment

  • Advanced usability

  • Enhanced payment features

"We’re already seeing huge potential with this device and our customers love the large, vibrant touch interface. The sleek, modern design is a perfect fit for the counter in our stylish contemporary salon, and the long-lasting battery keeps up with our high transaction volumes day in, day out. We love the option of emailing the customer an EFTPOS receipt, as so many of our clients are more conscious of sustainability and waste these days"

Anthea and Brendon Digby-Smith

Sable Fine Hair