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Our Network

We are the only EFTPOS provider in New Zealand with our own payment network. Access one helpdesk with one easy-to-remember phone number for support for your EFTPOS device and payment network.

Simplify your EFTPOS solution with our bundled payment network solution

The highest standard of security

Our network is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. The network utilises industry-leading hardware-based security products to assure end-to-end protection for every transaction you process.

Network compliance guaranteed

We guarantee the compliance of your eftpos terminal and software connected to our payment network for the length of your contract. If you need to update your device or software to stay compliant, we’ll upgrade you for free. 

Your choice of network

As a Paymark Accredited Reseller, we can also connect our Verifone devices to the Paymark network. We can set up your EFTPOS facility on either network quickly & hassle-free.

What Does A Payment Network Do?

Your payment network works behind-the-scenes whenever you process a payment on your eftpos terminal to shift funds from your customer’s account to your acquiring bank.

We operate the most up to date and innovative payment network in New Zealand. Leveraging the latest in payment network technology, we’ve built a fast, secure and reliable network with the capacity to process over 600 transactions per second. Our network currently processes between 1.1 and 1.9 million transactions every day.


Our world-class payment gateway, and preferred network of New Zealand’s largest bank


Million transactions per year on our network


Devices connected to our network


Merchants trust us to power their payments

100% Uptime For

Your Peace Of Mind

Our network is built to ensure 100% uptime thanks to our active-active approach. We maintain two geographically diverse data centres. Your terminal will determine the availability of the data centre it is processing to and dynamically switch to the other active data centre if an issue is detected.

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