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Contactless Payments

1/3 of consumers are frustrated by retailers who don't accept contactless. Don't let your customers down.

Accept payments from contactless cards and mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay

Accept contactless payments

Enhance Your Customer Experience

  • Eliminate payments friction at your point of sale
  • Eases queuing, reduces walkouts
  • The card or device never leaves your customer’s hand

Tap into a growing market

How Contactless can help
grow your business


Contactless merchants enjoy at least 2x the growth rates of non‑contactless merchants.

Customer acquisiton

Contactless merchants have over double the growth in customer numbers experienced by non-contactless merchants.

Customer retention

Contactless merchants enjoy triple the growth in the percentage of returning customers than non-contactless merchants.

72% of New Zealanders regularly make contactless payments

Contactless payment benefits

1/3 of New Zealanders say contactless payment is convenient

Contactless payments have been shown to increase customer spending and frequency of spend

Available on all Eftpos New Zealand eftpos terminals

The speed and convenience of contactless payments reduces queuing

73% of New Zealanders say contactless is time-saving

Contactless payment technology has been developed to ensure that contactless payments are secure

Is contactless right for your business?

Your business has peak times where queues can start to form

A large portion of your customers pay with their credit card

You’re happy to invest in a faster, more convenient payment solution

You want to offer a secure payment solution to your customers

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