MOTO – Mail Order & Telephone Order Transactions

MOTO transactions allow you to take payment even when the cardholder isn’t present

Make a sale over the phone or via mail-order

Take card-not-present payments

Flexible payment options gives your business more coverage and helps you offer more services

  • Offer your goods and services nationwide, even when you don’t have a network of storefronts
  • Offer your customers a subscription-based service
  • Offer a delivery service to customers


Standard MOTO

Take payment by entering the PAN number from your customers card into your EFTPOS terminal.

Recurring Payments

Simplifies taking payment for subscription-based services


Once enabled on your terminal you can use MOTO to take payment only when the cardholder is not present, but has given authorisation for the transaction.


The MOTO app is available on all Eftpos NZ terminals free of charge. Processing MOTO and recurring card-not-present transactions do however incur additional merchant service fees, charged by your acquiring bank.

Take payment when and where it suits your customers

Flexible payment options that help you solve your payment challenges

Extend your coverage

Don't have a network of storefronts or a website? You can still take your business nationwide. With card-not-present MOTO payments you can take payment from out-of-town customers and sell your products to more people.

Offer subscriptions & memberships

Set-up recurring payments for subscription-based or membership services so you don’t have to take payment from your customer in person each month.

Offer Delivery

Offer a local delivery service to your customers without upgrading your existing eftpos terminals. Simply take payment from the customer over the phone when they order.

Promote and sell your product

Put together a mail-order catalogue and send it to your VIPS or loyal customers.

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