The solution for two or more independent merchants working out of a shared space and sharing the same eftpos terminal


Save money by splitting the cost of your payment solution

Set-up multi-merchant


You split the cost of renting your shop. Why not your EFTPOS terminal too?


  • Split the cost of a single eftpos terminal, but get paid into separate settlement accounts
  • Declutter your counter – no need to have multiple payment devices
  • Perfect for doctors offices, hair stylists and sole traders sharing the same office space


How does it work?

When you take payment you first select your merchant profile from the multi-merchant menu. Each merchant has their own Merchant ID issued by their acquiring bank, so the purchase amount settles into the correct merchant’s bank account.

How many merchants?

We can load up to 8 merchant profiles on a single EFTPOS terminal.

Do we all need to bank with the same bank?

Just because you share the same salon, clinic, or office doesn’t mean you use the same bank! You can load your multi merchant terminal with up to 8 different Merchant IDs from any acquiring bank in New Zealand when connected to the Verifone network.


The Multi-merchant app is available on all Eftpos NZ terminals free of charge. Just get in touch with us to activate multi-merchant on your EFTPOS terminal.

Share the cost of terminal rental and bank fees

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Each merchant processes payments using their own unique merchant ID. This means each merchant loaded on the terminal can have different payment solutions enabled on their merchant profile to suit their individual business needs.
Save time
Already share a terminal? Multi-merchant eliminates the hassle of the accounting necessary if you share a settlement account.
Save money
The multi-merchant app is free to enable on all Eftpos NZ terminals and allows you to split the cost of your payment solution with other merchants trading on the same premises.
Declutter your POS
There's no need for multiple EFTPOS terminals on the countertop with a multi-merchant solution.