Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows you to process payments even if your terminal is unable to connect to the network to authorise transactions

Seamless eftpos payments continuity protects against network disruptions

Redundancy when you need it


When your cash flow is underpinned by your eftpos payment solution, it’s critical that you can continue to take eftpos payments – no matter what.

  • Offline Mode activates when your terminal can’t connect to the payment network to upload your transactions
  • It allows you to continue taking payment while your terminal is offline
  • Offline Mode adds value to your business by minimising the impact of network or communication outages


How does it work?

Offline mode (also known as ‘EOV’ or ‘Electronic Offline Vouchers’) allows you to continue taking payment safely and securely by storing transactions until the terminal can reconnect to the network, even if the terminal is switched off or loses power. Your terminal will attempt to logon every ten minutes to try and exit offline mode. Once re-connected to the network, the stored offline transactions are uploaded and processed and the terminal goes back ‘online’.


EOV is not designed to function as a secondary connectivity option. It is intended as an emergency continuation of processing capability when situations such as a loss of network or connectivity occur.


Offline mode is available free of charge and automatically activated on all Eftpos NZ terminals

User Guides

Offline Mode FAQ’s

How does offline mode activate?

Offline Mode will activate during any disruption to the communications method your terminal uses to connect to the payment network, for example during internet outages.

If your terminal experiences two communications errors in a row while processing a transaction it will enter ‘offline mode’ and you will notice that the idle screen displays the ‘offline’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

How will I know my terminal is in offline mode?

You will know your terminal is in Offline Mode when ‘Offline’ is displayed in the top left-hand side of the screen. Your terminal will also prompt you to get your customers to sign your merchant receipt and confirm the signature.

How many offline transactions can I process?
  • The maximum dollar amount allowed per offline transaction is $300
  • The maximum number of offline transactions that can be stored is 200
  • The maximum dollar amount per terminal while in Offline Mode is $5000
  • Only one offline transaction per card, per account, per offline session is permitted on each terminal
Why won’t some chip cards work in Offline Mode?

This is dependent on the rules the issuing bank has applied to the card e.g. the card issuer may have set a lower transaction limit or limited the card to a specific number of offline transactions. Once these limits have been exceeded the card will decline subsequent offline transactions.

Some cards do not support offline transactions:

  • Amex credit cards
  • Diners credit cards
  • Proprietary cards e.g. gift cards, Farmers card, etc.
Can a Settlement be processed in Offline Mode?

All offline transactions must be processed before a settlement is attempted. If a settlement is attempted in such a situation the terminal will display Invalid Offline Trans.

A successful Logon is required to begin uploading the captured Offline transactions. If a settlement is attempted after an approved Logon the terminal will automatically upload the Offline transactions then perform the settlement.

What do I do if my terminal has a fault or becomes inoperable while it has stored Offline transactions?

We are not responsible for any loss of stored Transactions should the terminal malfunction prior to uploading the transactions to the Verifone Network.

What should I do if my terminal keeps going into Offline Mode?

Contact EFTPOS New Zealand Technical Support.