Pre-authorisation & Completion

Offer your customers more convenient payment options while reducing your risk of theft or fraud



Pre-authorisation and completion transactions are great for any business that offers their service in advance of payment

Enhanced pre-authorisation & completion


  • Pre-authorisations can vastly reduce missed revenue, fraud, and processing costs
  • Account verify allows you to check that a credit card is valid without holding funds on your customer's card
  • Increment transactions allow you to increase the value of an open pre-authorisation to include all costs incurred into one, simple completion transaction
  • You can also process a delayed charge against a completed pre-auth for situations where additional goods or services were provided after the initial completion


How does it work?

A credit card pre-authorisation is when you put a temporary “hold” on funds on your customer’s card and then complete the transaction once the service is completed or goods exchanged. Pre-auths are valid for 30 days.

How do businesses use pre-auths?

Pre-authorisations can help your customers manage their costs and makes settling the bill easier as your customers don’t need to present their card again to complete the transaction. Simply process a pre-authorisation transaction to secure a deposit and then use an additional pre-authorisation to cover any further costs incurred. 

What kinds of businesses use pre-authorisation?

Many businesses use Pre-Auths to guarantee payment before providing their services or to verify payment methods before granting access to the service. For example:
Accommodation businesses use pre-authorisation to ensure their guests can cover the cost of their stay and any potential charges for room service, mini-bar usage, or damages. Restaurants and bars use pre-auths to cover tabs, or in some cases, for large groups or during special events to ensure payment for the expected bill.

Petrol stations, online retailers, airlines, car rental companies, cruise lines, and other travel-related businesses, subscription services, and rental equipment services all commonly use Pre-Auths.


Available to any merchant using an EFTPOS NZ terminal on the Verifone network at no additional charge.


Check that a cardholder has sufficient available credit to pay for your services without processing a transaction immediately.
Increase the value of an open pre-authorisation to include all costs incurred into one, simple completion transaction. Completion transactions are processed as ‘card present’ transactions and do not incur additional fees for processing.
Manage your pre-authorisations with reporting you can access on your EFTPOS terminal. Quickly get an overview of all of your pre-auths, across all your terminals.
Process a delayed charge against a completed pre-auth to ensure your customer covers the cost of all services received.
Your customer only has to present their card once, even if they incur additional costs after the initial pre-authorisation.
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