TruRating is the only customer feedback solution that ties real-time customer sentiment to spend. Gain powerful, actionable insights your business can trust.

Make better business decisions. By implementing TruRating you could hear from 88% of your customers.

Get TruRating with PC EFTPOS


We’ve partnered with TruRating to bring a real-time customer feedback solution to our POS integrated solution PC EFTPOS.


  • Improve your customer experience with reliable, data-driven insights
  • Compare customer satisfaction across all of your locations
  • Robust benchmarking means you can see how your business stacks up against the competition
  • Easy deployment on your PC EFTPOS solution
  • Instore, online – or both! Deploy TruRating to your eComm store to compare customer sentiment and basket data

How does it work?

One question per transaction/customer

One, simple question is delivered on your EFTPOS machine during payment and answered with a push of 0 to 9 on the EFTPOS PIN pad.

Measuring customer sentiment

There are five core questions which are rotated to collect data across five key metrics – this allows for internal and external benchmarking. The five core metrics include questions on Service, Likelihood to Recommend, Experience, Value for Money and Product. In addition, you can add two custom questions answerable using the 0-9 scale, or a binary Y/N answer. Ask your customers “Did staff give several options?” or “Do you subscribe to our emails?”, you can ask them anything, giving insights into your business which have never been possible before.



TruRating are with you every step of the way! Learn everything you need to know about using the solution with their fantastic onboarding programme. Get help interpreting your results from their support team and receive weekly email reports with relevant insights. Monitor your results and manage your solution via your customer portal. There’s no cost for additional logins to the dashboard, and you can set-up variable access levels for different users.



There’s no additional cost from Eftpos NZ for enabling TruRating on PC EFTPOS. TruRating plans include a $100 one-off fee per site for onboarding, and then a $50 per month, per site subscription fee.*


 *Pricing subject to change

See what TruRating can do

Quick and easy set-up!

It all starts with our POS integrated solution PC EFTPOS.
Eftpos NZ and TruRating work together to make your TruRating deployment a success.
Roll out the solution with an easy remote download. Our nationwide Field Reps are on hand if you need onsite support.
TruRating offers a thorough onboarding process and ongoing check-ins.
Access your results anywhere, anytime on your TruRating dashboard.
On completion of implementation of TruRating, it can go live in your store(s) the next day.


Don’t guess what your customers are thinking – ask them!



PC EFTPOS already delivers a great customer experience by connecting your EFTPOS terminal directly to your Point of Sale system – meaning faster, more convenient payments. Paired with TruRating, PC EFTPOS works even harder by bringing you actionable insights you can use to drive better customer experiences at the Point of Sale and beyond.