Verifone Merchant Portal

All of your transactions are consolidated and made actionable in one place, in real-time on the Verifone Merchant Portal.

Free for Eftpos NZ Customers
Access to the Verifone Merchant Portal is free for Eftpos NZ subscription customers
One place for all your transactions
View your transactions in real-time across both physical and digital storefronts on a single platform
Makes reconciliation a breeze

Create and download custom reports for quick and easy reconciliation and reporting

Build custom transaction lists

Build detailed transaction lists for reporting and reconciliation. Drill down to a particular day, store, EFTPOS terminal or transaction to get exactly the detail you need.

Accounting made easy

Download your transaction lists to share with your accountant or bookkeeper, or give them managed access to get the data they need themselves.

Anytime, any device

A mobile responsive dashboard means you can see your transactions in real-time from any device. Keep an eye on transaction volume while you’re out and about.

Do more with your data

Gain valuable insight with direct access to data analytics across all sales channels. All the data you need for reconciliation, optimising conversion, and identifying trends and discrepancies is all right at your fingertips.

Coming soon: Data analytics dashboard

Take payment on the Portal

Virtual Terminal gives your sales and support reps an easy and secure way to accept card-not-present credit card payments and initiate refunds over the phone, or for mail orders.

Pay by Link

Pay by Link gives your customers a simple and secure way to pay using a unique payment link generated on the Merchant Portal.

Unlimited access

There are no limits on the number of users you can add to your organisation on the Merchant Portal! Assign different roles to different users depending on which tools they need access to.

Emerging omnichannel solutions

The Merchant Portal will empower your business to deliver a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels. Future features include tokenisation, matched refunds, recurring payments and more.

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The Verifone

Merchant Portal

“If I need to find any particular transactions I jump online to the Eftpos New Zealand Merchant Portal”

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