Pay by Link will soon be available for all
businesses in New Zealand!

In the meantime, an exclusive release of Pay by Link for merchants that bank with
ANZ Bank New Zealand is available now.

Pay By Link

Fast, Easy and Secure

Pay by Link is an easy and secure way to send a payment link from your business to receive payments.

New Payment Experience
Create and send payment links in seconds, making payments easier for you and your customers.
Customer Focused

Pay by Link allows a contactless form of payment, enabling customers to make payments from wherever they happen to be.

Safe and Secure

Pay by Link ensures a totally secure and intuitive payment process that leaves no doubts for any user.

Pay by Link Demo

What is Pay by Link?

An easy and secure way that allows your Business to receive payments from customers. You can generate a payment link by providing payment details (amount and customer details) in the Verifone Merchant Portal and then share the link with your customers through email, SMS or your own platform. When your customers visit the link, they are prompted to complete the payment. This competitively priced payment method lowers your cost of accepting payments and offers faster access to funds with next business day settlement.

Easy Access

It’s fast, easy and secure to get started with Pay By Link accessed through the Verifone Merchant Portal. Just get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll be in touch with a quote. We’ll take care of the rest including referring you to the bank for the new facility.

Track your transactions

Using the Verifone Merchant portal, you can access your live Pay By Link transaction data. The Payment Link history allows you to view if your customer has visited the link, initiated a payment, and the outcome of the transaction. If the payment failed or has expired you can re-enable the link.


$13.50 + GST per month

Plus a .20c per transaction fee

Request Pay by Link

Ready to sign up for Pay by Link? Submit the form below to get started! We’ll take care of the rest including referring you to the bank and preparing a new Eftpos NZ contract with your Pay by Link.

How to use Pay by Link

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