Apply a surcharge to credit & contactless transactions

Recoup the cost of accepting credit cards & contactless transactions

Credit Card Surcharging

Offer the flexibility of more payment options without increasing your costs.

  • Your terminal automatically detects credit cards and contactless transactions and applies a surcharge to your normal prices
  • Surcharge different credit cards at different rates to reflect different costs of acceptance
  • Apply the surcharge to transactions over or under a particular value.
  • Set a maximum and/or a minimum surcharge amount


How does it work?

Your surcharge solution calculates the value of the surcharge for you and automatically adds it to the transaction when your customer taps, swipes or inserts their credit card or smart device

Your obligations

There are legal obligations you must meet if you add a surcharge to your normal prices. The Eftpos New Zealand Surcharge Fee Solution takes care of some of these obligations for you, but it is important that you read and understand the full terms and conditions.


Get credit card surcharging for $10.00 + GST per terminal, per month and save hundreds of dollars in merchant fees by passing the cost of acceptance on to your customers who choose to pay by credit card.


Contactless Prompt

The prompt to accept the surcharge is optional for contactless transactions.

MOTO Surcharge Override

MOTO Surcharge Override is an optional add-on for businesses that accept MOTO transactions. When the override is enabled, your terminal will prompt you to choose whether to apply a surcharge to your Manual/MOTO transactions. Learn more here.

Surcharging Resources

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Free T650p sticker sheet

Eftpos NZ POS Surcharge Sticker

Free writable POS sticker

Eftpos NZ Surcharge Sign Download

Surcharge sign template

Eftpos NZ Help Centre

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Surcharging tips

We make surcharging easy

Did you know that the average transaction size for credit cards in New Zealand is higher than for debit cards? Accepting credit cards is a great way to encourage customers to spend more in your store.
Get help with your merchant obligations
Transparent and easy to use - let your terminal do the work for you!
The Eftpos NZ surcharge solution is flexible to meet your needs. Need to change your surcharge solution? Call our helpdesk on 0800 EFTPOS, we can make changes with you over the phone.


Surcharge FAQ’s

How does it work?

If you have surcharging enabled your present card screen will display a message that says 'Surcharge May Apply'. When a customer selects the credit option during a purchase transaction or taps a smart device to make a payment, an additional prompt appears notifying them a surcharge is going to be applied*. If the customer accepts the surcharge the transaction proceeds and the terminal will automatically apply the surcharge for you.

*The surcharge prompt can be removed for contactless transactions.

Which cards can I surcharge?

In New Zealand, merchants can legally pass on the cost of their Merchant Service Fees (or MSF) for accepting certain payment methods to the cardholder at the point of purchase. This includes payments made using Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, AMEX, and JCB cards and mobile wallets including payWave (Visa), Tap & Go (Mastercard), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I surcharge contactless transactions?

Our new Android devices can apply a surcharge to transactions made with a contactless card or device so you can recoup the cost of offering this convenient payment method

How do I work out the value of my fee?
If you choose to apply a surcharge fee to credit card transactions you must ensure the surcharge bears a reasonable relationship to your cost of acceptance.