Terminal Plus EFTPOS Insurance

We know accidents happen - whether it be from a spilled drink at a bar or a run-in with the oil can. Limit your liability with EFTPOS terminal insurance.

Terminal Plus terminal insurance helps with the cost of repairing and replacing damaged EFTPOS terminals

Accidents Happen

Terminal insurance for whenever you need it

  • Some retailing environments present a higher risk for damaged terminals
  • Reduce the cost of repair and replacement
  • Guaranteed capped excess fee should your eftpos machine need replacing or repairing


Did you know?

Did you know you’re liable for the full cost of repair and replacement if your leased terminal gets damaged? In some cases, this can be over $1000. We offer our subscription-based customers Terminal Plus EFTPOS insurance to help with the cost of repair and replacement of damaged terminals.

How does it work?

Your general business cover can apply in these scenarios, but often the excess on your business insurance is higher than the cost to replace the terminal. With Terminal Plus you can minimise your liability by guaranteeing a capped excess fee should your EFTPOS machine need replacing or repairing.


Pay just $9.95 + GST  per month, for each of your terminals at your site that are the same model. Should one of your terminals need to be replaced or repaired, your excess is capped at $250 + GST per terminal – potentially saving you over $750.

For Terminal Plus insurance to apply, you’ll need to cover all terminals at your site that are the same model

Terminal Damage Causes

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage isn’t always immediately apparent. The terminal can keep working for months before the internal technology is impacted. Liquid damage is the most common type of damage.

Physical Damage

Physical damage to eftpos machines from impact is the next most common reason for replacement. We recommend our customers are careful when handling and using their terminal.


Other reasons for terminal swap-outs vary. In all cases where there is a heightened risk in the environment, we recommend Terminal Plus EFTPOS Insurance for peace of mind.

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